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Capital Preservation, Wealth Creation, Investor Corporate Alignment: Canadians Investing in UrbanStar Canada Land

Fully Syndicated Glendale-Bearspaw Land Projects – 954 Acres / $86,000,000.00 Land Assembly Total

The UrbanStar Group of Companies began in response to the growth in development opportunities across Western Canada. We promote Canadians investing in Canadian land as an important component of our land acquisition strategy.

The UrbanStar Group of companies has assembled approximately 954 acres of land between the strategic corridor of Calgary and Cochrane. This will make UrbanStar Group of Companies one of the largest land holders along Highway 1a between Calgary and Cochrane. We have assembled seven separate pieces of land, all of which fall within an R-2 policy area with over 3 km of Highway 1A frontage.

Calgary is the fourth largest metropolitan area in Canada based on population. It is also the largest metropolitan area between Toronto and Vancouver locations. In 2009, Calgary’s metropolitan population was estimated at 1,230,248. Canada’s number one economic performer, Calgary is home to a diverse array of industries. While the single-largest contributor to the city’s GDP is the energy sector, industries such as finance, manufacturing, transportation, technology and film are growing and adding to the overall prosperity of Calgary.

The County of Rocky View in their 2060 Growth Plan views this strategic corridor as a high growth area for both residential and commercial development. They have identified it as a Community Core and Minor Business Corridor which will transform the area into a cluster residential development with a supporting commercial development.

The province has also invested significant infrastructure capital to support this initiative, which includes the recently upgraded Highway 1A from two to four lanes to accommodate future growth in the area. Also gas lines in the area have been upgraded to potentially accommodate up to 25,000 new residents to the area.

The UrbanStar Group of Companies will be periodically releasing structured real investments to qualified investors to participate in this type of large scale land development, typically only available to high net worth individuals and land development companies.

UrbanStar Land Projects:

“The Calgary-Cochrane corridor is often referred to as the ‘Mount Royal’ corridor of Canada because of its affluent residents and close proximity to one of Canada’s most influential cities.”
Dean Gorenc, CEO UrbanStar