UrbanStar | Land Investment & Real Estate Investment in Canada

Welcome to the UrbanStar Group of Companies

Our Business

The UrbanStar Group of Companies began in response to the growth in development opportunities. UrbanStar oversees the overall operations, providing strategic direction to the Capital Investment Group, Land Investment Group, Home Building Group, Land Development Group, Real Estate and Mortgage Brokerage Services.

Our Strategy

UrbanStar is a specialized firm that designs, implements and operates real estate asset management solutions for investors. The portfolio strategy of our real estate offerings is firmly focused on investing in selected regional cities in the thriving markets of Western Canada.

UrbanStar uses its expertise to provide our 3000 investors with quality land investment opportunities and currently manages over 1000 acres of raw land and two master planned communities with a total land syndication amount of $86,000,000 with a potential build out of over 1800 mixed use housing units, 117,000 sq ft of commercial space, and a build out value of up to $1.3 billion. We make this land available to qualified investors through land-based real estate investment products.

UrbanStar has the ability to offer an array of real estate services, and we have recently created our multi- and single-family divisions with a target of 300 units plus 17,000 sq ft of commercial space with a build out value over $90,000,000.00 for 2019-2020.

Our Values

Our belief system is grounded on the principles of delivering the highest quality, client centric offerings in a professional and objective manner. We strive to be the leaders in our professional practice areas and we are passionately committed to a service-based culture where values such as understanding, honesty and transparency are followed.

UrbanStar Land Projects:

“Our mission is simple and our vision clear: To assist in the preservation and creation of wealth for our investors.”
Dean Gorenc, CEO UrbanStar