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Capital Preservation, Wealth Creation, Investor Corporate Alignment is UrbanStar’s Motto.

Fully Syndicated Bearspaw Land Projects – 1,111 Acres / $108,000,000.00 Land Assembly Total.

UrbanStar’s goal is to identify land projects that may increase significantly in value, passing this increased value onto our investors. Land development involves acquiring strategic geographic land holdings to develop the land or to increase its value by obtaining rezoning of the land to a better and higher use. This is an active process with numerous 3rd party stakeholders involved in the planning and development process. Through this process the value increases it is the length of time investors hold the property the remaining intangible.

UrbanStar is a specialized firm that designs, implements, and operates real estate asset management solutions for investors. The portfolio strategy of our real estate offerings is firmly focused on investing in selected regional cities in the thriving markets of Western Canada.

The UrbanStar Group of companies has assembled approximately 1,111 acres of land within the strategic corridor of Calgary and Cochrane. This makes UrbanStar Group of Companies one of the largest land holders along Highway 1A between Calgary and Cochrane. We have assembled 9 separate pieces of land, all of which fall within an R-2 policy area with over 3 km of Highway 1A frontage.

Calgary is the largest city in Alberta, and the 4th largest city in Canada. The Population of Calgary is approximately 1,336,000 & growing. Canada’s number one economic performer, Calgary is home to a diverse array of industries. While the single-largest contributor to the city’s GDP is the energy sector, industries such as finance, manufacturing, transportation, technology, and film are growing and adding to the overall prosperity of Calgary.