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Canadian Land and Real Estate

What we do

Capital Preservation

UrbanStar Group’s expertise provides investors with quality investment opportunities. Our research, selection, and acquisition of strategically located land is available to qualified investors and purchasers through land-based estate investment products.

Wealth Creation

The following graph details the life cycle of land and exemplifies the potential success of a land syndication. It shows how it starts in its raw form as undeveloped land and carries through to the development stage where homes or businesses are ready to be built. Value is added to the property though the planning and approval process or natural appreciation of land. Successful land enhancement starts in the early stages and works through the planning process to add substantial value to the property. UrbanStar focuses primarily on the first 2 stages of the Value-Added Cycle to Land-Raw Land and Concept Planning. Most people are familiar with the Development and Developed Real Estate stages (have built, owned, rented, or leased property), this is the “retail end” of the spectrum. Occasionally UrbanStar will be involved in these later stages.

The above diagram is provided for illustrative purposes only. Past performance is not a guarantee of future results. Land is an investment that has risk. Increase in potential value, if any, will not follow a straight or smooth line and there may be periods of decrease in value.

“UrbanStar land investment opportunities offer a solid opportunity to obtain a core growth component in any investment portfolio.”

Dean Gornec, CEO UrbanStar