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Master Planned Community Projects

Master Planned Community Projects

UrbanStar’s vision expands beyond Calgary’s city limits. We have a goal to create extraordinary communities that encompass distinctive homes, commercial hubs, educational facilities, and recreation; all in balance with the natural environment.



Glendale Mountain View Development Ltd.

UrbanStar Glendale Mountain View Concept Plan

UrbanStar Glendale Mountain View is a proposed socially, economically, and environmentally sustainable community of 674 acres in the Glendale-Bearspaw area, abutting Cochrane and 25 minutes from downtown Calgary. This amenity rich development fully embodies the natural environment through an organic neighbourhood design that will maintain open space through interconnected pathways and parks. It will feature 1,352 single family homes, semi-detached houses and townhouses, along with a quaint commercial node of approximately 105,000 sq ft, a designated school area, and convenient transportation.

On December 2017, the UrbanStar Glendale Mountain View Concept Plan was accepted for evaluation and included in the Rocky View County proposed conceptual schemes list. You can view the UrbanStar Glendale Mountain View Concept Plan here, or find more information on the current status and phases of the project at http://www.usglendalemountainview.com.


Horse Creek Development and PH2

The site is generally bounded by Horse Creek Road to the west, Township Road 270 to the north, and Range Road 44 to the east. From a regional standpoint, the UrbanStar Horse Creek development site is situated advantageously between Cochrane and the Rocky Mountains, rendering it perfect for those who desire proximity to both city and nature.

The Horse Creek project is located west of approved developments in the Hamlet of Cochrane Lake. In addition, UrbanStar has acquired an additional +/- 160 acres within the Cochrane North ASP that lies east of Highway 22 and has potential for residential and commercial land use. UrbanStar is well situated in this corridor to bring growth, employment, and development to the region.

UrbanStar will manage and own 440 acres within the Cochrane North ASP making it the largest landholder in this area.

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Previously prepared lotting concepts, which adhere to the current ASP policy, resulted in 313 lots of equivalent size and scale over 280 acres.

The updated site plan includes a diversity and range of housing types and lot sizes to a total of 949 over the same 280 acres. This reflects a gross UPA (Units Per Acre) of 3.3. This is much more efficient use of land and utilizes the exact same footprint as the previous design. The variety of lots and available housing types allows for greater choice for the consumer, allowing for flexible entry points for price and this will allow for greater absorption by the market overtime.

As a result of the planning efforts of the UrbanStar Development Team the new concept plan is a net 636 additional units to the original concept.


Net Difference

Original Concept Plan                         313 Units

Re-designation of Concept Plan       949 Units

Net Difference                                       636 Units +





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