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Jessica | QuantumPlace Developments

Jessica is an Urban Planner with more than 15 years of progressive planning experience in inner city policy and redevelopment approvals. Prior to joining QuantumPlace, Jessica worked in the private sector as an urban planner, and for The City of Calgary as a Senior Planner for Land Use Amendment Services where she has managed, evaluated, and presented a number of complex inner-city projects to Calgary Planning Commission and City Council. From high-level policy and master plan development to implementation. Jessica also has substantial experience leading interior design, marketing and sales for residential development projects.

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Zanshin Environmental Network Inc.

Laurie Hamilton is the owner and sole employee of Zanshin Environmental Networks Inc. and has been working in environmental science and land management for over 25 years, conducting vegetation, wetland and terrestrial ecosystem baseline and impact assessments throughout Western Canada. During her 25 years, she has developed multiple specialties across a variety of disciplines, as illustrated by her multiple professional designations. Her diverse skillset provides her with a wholistic approach to environmental and land use impact assessments, streamlining the needs of any project.

Laurie provides the Rare Plant Survey to UrbanStar.

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Lifeways of Canada Limited

Lifeways is Alberta’s first and longest operating historical resources consulting company, providing premium services to both government and private industries in western Canada and the adjacent United States.

Lifeways work efficiently together as a team through all stages of Historical Resources Impact Assessment and Aboriginal Engagement and First Nations Consultation projects. Since its inception Lifeways has completed almost 1,000 archaeological field assessment studies. We have undertaken countless inventories, overviews, assessments, and artifact analyses under contract, and have provided expert testimony where needed. Combining this with multitudes of Historical Resources Act clearance applications, Lifeways has literally undertaken thousands of historical resources projects. As a boutique operation, we pride ourselves on our high standards.

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ISL Engineering (ISL)

ISL integrated services span the complete water management cycle from water intake to the re-use of treated wastewater for non-potable use. ISL has a reputation for providing practical robust designs and sustainable solutions using cutting-edge technologies and innovative approaches, while maximizing the use of existing infrastructure.

ISL’S Water team provides governments and the private sector with innovative and sustainable engineering solutions for all their water treatment and distribution needs. ISL’S has been recognized with industry awards for project management, sustainable design, water resources, technology innovation and environmental engineering.

ISL’S experienced includes a full treatment system, including raw water abstraction, water treatment, disinfection and treated water storage. With every project, we offer our commitment to quality, safety, and the preservation of the environment.

ISL works with Kristi to provide Civil Engineering Work (Portable Water & Sanitary Servicing, Stormwater Management, Emergency Road).

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Curtis GEO Solutions Inc.

Curtis GEO Solutions Inc. provides Geotechnical Services, Pile installation inspections, concrete testing, soils testing, bearing inspections, and environmental services.

Curtis GEO Solutions specializes in Geotechnical Reporting, Soil Analysis and Concrete Testing with their in-house lab.

Curtis GEO Solutions provide UrbanStar with Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments (ESA1).


E2K Engineering Ltd. (E2K)

E2K Engineering’s founder and president, Mr. Ellingwood is a professional geological engineer with 25 years of experience. He has overseen the successful completion of over 5000 projects since founding E2K and brings an array of unique and economical engineering solutions to any size project.

A geotechnical investigation, or soils report, is a critical document that greatly influences construction decisions for a proposed project. This is an important document required for permitting and design for some developments.

A slope stability report is a document required by most municipalities in Alberta when building on or near a slope of a certain specified grade.

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Bunt & Associates Engineering Ltd.

Bunt & Associates Engineering Ltd. is one of the largest specialist transportation planning and engineering consulting companies in Western Canada. Their team is represented by over 50 of the finest transportation planners, engineers, technologists, and support staff located in Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, and Victoria.

Bunt & Associates will provide the Transportation Impact Assessment (TIA).

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NAVAGRAH Landscape Architecture + Urban Design

NAVAGRAH is a creative enterprise engaged in crafting innovative and context sensitive landscapes and urban spaces.  Well designed outdoor spaces are the building blocks of a great community. NAVAGRAH believes that well-crafted outdoor spaces can transform, enrich and improve our lives.

NAVAGRAH assists with the Landscaping Plans and fine grain details.



What Does Land Value Mean?
The total value of the land, including any upgrades or improvements to the land.