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Multi-Family Development in Ogden


  • The subject site (~0.42ac / 0.17ha total area) contains buildings and accessory structures to be demolished and redeveloped. The subject lands are located within the Millican-Ogden Area Redevelopment Plan (The ARP), the latest draft of which has been advertised by The City in March 2017. The ARP Land Use Concept identifies the subject lands as a ‘Community Mid Rise’ district, within the ‘Main Street Area – Developed Area Guidebook’ policy area. The ARP policy purpose statement for this land use area states that The Community Centre and Community Mid Rise Main Street building blocks consists of mixed use mid rise building types that accommodate a range of retail, services, office and residential uses where a vertical and or horizontal mix of uses is desired. Buildings should be mid rise height (maximum six storeys), providing room for taller first and second storeys in buildings where vertical mixed use is desired. The site is also located in the Ogden Triangle, which is slated to be the heart of the community, where the highest residential intensities, tallest mixed use buildings possessing active frontages and retail at grade will be located in proximity to the future Green Line LRT Station.
  • Preliminary Massing and Parking Tests

    Below is a preliminary massing and parking test based on an MU-2 ask (17,502 sq ft of commercial at grade, five storeys residential, two storeys below grade parking).

    The Proposed Ogden Road LRT Minimal setbacks informed the shape of the box, allowing this absolute maximum footprint and buildout potential. Taking into consideration a number of bylaw assumptions to do with commercial and unit breakdown for parking, we have estimated that the conceptual floorplate (without yet removing areas for elevators, storage, recycling) can accommodate 129 stalls. This number incorporates a 25% reduction in the number of stalls required based on Transit Oriented Development guidelines, something not yet set in stone as Ogden Green Line station has not been constructed. Floors 2-6 can accommodate 134 +/-units at an average of 700 sq ft after inefficiencies.

Site & Building Envelope Testing

Exterior Plans Image